I have heard/read/been exposed to this sentiment all my life…whenever someone complains, feels frustrated or uncared for or unloved, I hear this as a response…The world doesn’t owe you anything.

I never liked that response. I could not truly explain why I did not like it for a long time, but I feel as though I understand what bothers me about this idea.

No one asks to be born. It is a blessing that we are, but no one makes the conscious choice to be alive. Our lives are determined by someone else’s discretion.

The fact that we do not have a choice of being born into this life or not should be reason alone that we deserve something. It was not us who chose to be alive.

The unfairness and injustice goes further than that, however.

Life is extremely unfair. It is more unfair to some than others, and that is not a choice. Some people are born into lives that are more difficult, filled with more hardships, more pain, and less opportunities than others. Why shouldn’t we all start out with an equal playing field, or least one thats somewhat more leveled.



Finally, no matter what, every human, has an undeniable and unequivocal worth.

You are alive, you are a person with feelings and emotions, and because of that the world does owe you something.

You should not starve. You should not be humiliated. You should not be treated disrespectfully.

You are alive and the world owes you common decency.

The world owes you a chance to make it. It owes you a chance because it is not fair if some people have more opportunities than others.

That is not fair. That is not just.

The world does owe you respect. It owes you a sufficient wage, one that can actually be lived off of.

The world owes you empathy, and one day, you will get what you deserve. The world.

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