JAMAICA, NY- People are really thinking outside of the box when it comes to smuggling. Or should I say in for airport security discovered a half-pound of cocaine inside a Queens woman’s vagina at JFK Airport.

Shakira Thompson, 24, arrived at JFK airport from Kingston Sunday afternoon. Around 2.p.m she went through customs, the port police noticing her erratic behavior. According to Pix11, Thompson was sweating profusely and acting very nervous. She was taken to a private search room where she went through a body Xray scan, according to police. The results came back negative.

Thompson did reveal later after her search that she had cocaine inserted in her vagina. Custom officers uncovered an egg-shaped package which tested positive for cocaine. The estimated worth: $10,000.

She was arrested by Customs officers and was handed over to Port Authority Police. She faces state narcotics smuggling charges and will be prosecuted by the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

I don’t know if I should bust a kidney laughing at this or bury my face in my hands at this. Maybe both. I can probably say that now we met the real life Elast-girl.

Feature Photo from UPI

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