I was recently honored to be able to interview, tight end of the New York Giants, Will Tye. Tye was signed by the Giants on May 11th and put on the active roster on October 3rd. The Giants have had an injury riddled season coming from the tight end position, the injuries coming from Daniel Fells, Jerome Cunningham, and a possibly career ending injury coming from Larry Donnell, but Will Tye was just what the doctor ordered.

Will Tye was honored in front of his old home, the Stony Brook Seawolves, during their Black History Closing ceremony. Tye spent two years of his career as a Seawolf and received a plaque in front of his fans in honor of his achievements. He posted the first touchdown in NFL history from a former Seawolf. During his speech, he sounded like he was living in a dream and still couldn’t believe that this was all happening, but as he said many times through his speech, “I’ll take it.”

I got to talk to Tye after the ceremony where I got to ask him a few questions. To my surprise, he actually grew up a Cowboys fan, which might come as a disappointment to some Giants fans. I asked him what players inspired him as he began his rise into the NFL. “Jason Witten was definitely an inspiration growing up with the Cowboys,” he told me. “I was also really inspired by Antonio Gates.” This comes to no surprise as we see how similar Tye’s style of play is to Gates’, which is why he was given the nickname, “Baby Gates.”

I also got to ask Tye about the injury status of Victor Cruz. He said, as many people continue to say, that no one really knows whether Cruz will take the field again next season, but they can hope that he’ll make a return. Cruz has suffered from injury for as long as a Giants fan can remember and having him back on the field again can mean wonders for the organization. 

Finally, I asked Tye what he sees for the Giants organization next season and if he sees a postseason post for his team. He told me that it’s always hard to tell where the team stands this early on, but for now all he can do is hope and put in the work needed to be successful. With the Giants getting back a lot of players from an injury riddled season, they look like they can be a real threat for winning their division.

Tye continued to express how grateful to be a part of this organization throughout the night. He will continue to play through his three year $1,575,000 as the fastest tight end in the nation and what looks like the number one tight end for the Giants. He posted 42 receptions, 464 yards, and 3 touchdowns in his rookie season. We’ll wait to see April 21st at 8 pm est when they announce the preseason schedule and we get to see who the Giants will face off to begin their 2016-2017 season.

Will Tye

Tye catching his first career touchdown and the first touchdown from any Stony Brook athlete in the NFL.

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