“Kim, people are dying,” was the comment some said to Kim Kardashian in response to her posting a picture of herself in a bathing suit, while others were focused on the death of Alton Sterling. They questioned why Kim had nothing to say on another issue of a black man being killed by a police officer in America.  I mean she has a black husband and two black children, so why did it take her so long to speak on the topic?

In times like these white celebrities are known to stay mum when it comes to discussing black issues. Some may feel like it’s not their place to comment simply because they are white and some, to be frank, just might not care.  Don’t get me wrong, there are those like Olivia Wilde and Pink who have  unapologetically stated “Black Lives Matter,” but others shouldn’t be so reluctant.  Being white doesn’t excuse you from taking part in this matter that has plagued black people for decades.

White celebrities have no problem saying “Pray for Paris” or honor the lives of those killed during the Pulse shootings, but because this is a black issue it seems like they couldn’t be bothered to speak out. Even those who profit off of mimicking aspects of black culture in their careers do the bare minimum of speaking out.  They dress up in black culture, but could care less about black people.  Tweeting “Love Humans” or “Praying for everybody” isn’t a clear statement of who or what you’re supporting, especially when these tweets are made AFTER police officers are gunned down.

Eventually Kim Kardashian wrote a blog post about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being murdered by the police and urged people to contact their legislators to help make change happen.  However, to some it seemed like Kim was simply responding because she was being criticized for not speaking.  It didn’t seem genuine to those who recall that Kim herself said she never thought about racism until having a black child.

Other celebrities are questioned for tweeting or writing “All Lives Matter” when discussing police brutality towards blacks.  The term itself started up after people started tweeting “Black Lives Matter.”  People have used the hashtag not in support of the BLM movement, but in order to derail the conversation and instead accuse black people of not caring about other people’s suffering.  Black lives matter doesn’t mean “only black lives matter,” it means that as of right now, black lives are being threatened on the basis of their skin color and they shouldn’t be killed by the police because of it.  Stating “All Lives Matter” is basically saying you don’t care about black lives because you don’t even have the decency to acknowledge that they’re the ones being murdered by police officers.

All celebrities have an enormous platform and an ability to reach many people.  Since this case has to do with black people, it says a lot when famous white people stand in solidarity with those who are being targeted because of their race.  They can show the general public that this is a problem not just for black people, but for everyone.  If you pick and choose who to support and defend in a time of crisis, it says a lot about who you feel deserves to be supported and defended. Your silence is clear that you don’t care.  You’re ignoring the problem because it doesn’t affect you, as if you can’t be empathetic.  If you can feel bad for Parisians who are suffering in a different country, then you should be capable of feeling remorse seeing black Americans die on camera.

White celebrities have to do better as being allies towards the black community.  They have so much power in society based off of their race and class.  When they speak up, they can be heard by people in higher places, and they know that.  All that is asked of them is to genuinely show they care about black people.  Don’t sit back and watch this happen ff human life means so much to you.  Obviously white celebrities aren’t the only ones who need to speak up, but it shouldn’t be seen as normal for them to see what’s going on and remain quiet every time something like this occurs.  It’s possible for everyone to educate themselves on police brutality against blacks and show their support.  Being white or a celebrity doesn’t hinder you from doing so, so stop acting like it does.



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