The United States and other countries around the world have undergone so much violence in the last month. Violence is literally everywhere!

First it was the Orlando shooting at the night club in the month of June. It was a targeted attack against the LGBT community….one that left more than 50 innocent people dead, and many injured. This level of violence went down in American history as the biggest massacre to date. Let’s not even talk about the trauma that victims of the shootings have and those who were there to witness the tragic event. As a member of the LGBT community, my heart mourns for those we lost and were injured. I am sure that from a mental stand point, it is hard for them to continue life the same without that added component of fear of whether or not someone is just going to randomly hurt you….or even worse, kill you.

The second acts of violence were the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. In fact, these two acts of violence were just in days of each other. It was certainly a back to back hit for the black community and the rest of the world. It is one thing for a cop to shoot when they are threatened and as a result have to act because of immediate danger.violence However, thankfully we have such a great thing called technology where people can now film what actually happens during encounters between the police and people of the community. These men, who were fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, boyfriends and husbands lost their lives not because they posed as any real threat nor were armed….but because of the surrounding implicit and explicit biases unfairly associated with black members of society. While it is categorized as a police shooting, this still represents acts of violence because the bottom line remains that these victims were wrongfully shot and killed for without justified reasoning.

This brings me to the current acts of violence of this week: 80 people ran over and killed by a truck on Bastille day in France and the bomb that killed over 200 people in Turkey. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with the people in this world we live in?violence We have absolutely no respect or regard for human life anymore. Instead, we take it upon ourselves to commit cruel acts of violence with the nerve to have a justified (and I use that term extremely loosely) reason behind it. You could never by any means justify killing unless it was in self defense to protect yourself, your family or simply those around you (and when I say self defense..I mean in that immediate situation of danger..not retaliation). It is not lives lost…but rather lives taken. Violence has become the maximum. The reality is that we cannot change nor stop people from committing these acts…and so it begs the appropriate question: What the hell are we going to do?



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