Some people still have a chip on their shoulder in regards to Stacey Dash, huh? Who could blame them?

During the Oscars Awards, Stacey made an appearance after Chris Rock dubbed her as the Director of Minority Outreach. Nobody clapped as she walked on stage. She exclaimed, “I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!”. Still, nobody clapped. Stacey walked off stage. What the hell? That was awkward. Twitter went into an uproar. Backstage, Stacey wanted to let it be known how twitter fired her up. Ha! Check it out.

As you heard, people said some mean things to her. Someone said they wished there was a trap door on stage and for Stacey to fall through. Someone told her straight up: “Don’t like you.” After reading those tweets, Stacey gave her piece. Whatever! Stacey, I don’t know why you thought your appearance was going to have people give you a standing ovation.

If you don’t know why Stacey’s not everyone’s favorite person, click here to read why.


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