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‘There’s Alot Going On’ might just be Vic Mensa’s most thought-provoking/soulfully-expressive project yet. The Chicago emcee addresses the many obstacles that once plagued the SAVEMONEY pioneer, during his turbulent rise to stardom. The ‘Down On My Luck’ rapper candidly addresses his tumultuous relationship with ex-girlfriend Natalie Wright and highlights his longtime battle with depression after splitting with the Chicago indie band ‘Kids These Days’. Spiraling down the path of self-destruction and emotional instability, the rapper reveals he often self-medicated with various drugs; which then led to suicidal ideation. Consumed with existential angst his soul is magnified through the use of uncensored lyricism and soul-baring melodies. By the end of the song Vic is able to gain clarity by going back to his roots, where it all began in his mothers basement to link up with Papi Beatz and Smoko Ono; ultimately conquering his demons through creative mediums.

Watch The Video For ‘There’s Alot Going On’

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