This song still makes us cry....

In today’s world we love our parents, even though their annoying. We still have to thank God because we need our parents for everything. Even though were growing up, getting older, going through puberty, we still need them by our side. It’s something we need to keep in mind that not everyone has a parent and the life they go through. We also see TuPac in movies like “Poetic Justice” and “The Juice”. Not only Tupac’s lyrics gives us a message but he also pin points his story that he sends out to his mother.  This song is very interesting to all of us even though it’s depressing. He wants us to feel that depression so we can see where he is coming from. Also to sense the music that he’s giving us. We must all appreciate what our mothers  is doing for us, even if its a little that they can do.  Tupac is and always will be the greatest rapper,  he was a poet,  a real rapper his lyrics always meant something. Just made since you could and still can appreciate his music. Real music and talented! We miss TuPac terribly still.


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