One of the greatest music genre’s to ever exist and influence soul music is the “Motown Sound“. The Motown Sound is a timeless sound that really captured emotion and passion in both the genre’s lyricism and instrument. The sound of Motown has become a past time in a way, but still a genre that is the true example of music being the world language. Regardless of what country you live in or your ethnicity, music is something that is universally comprehending. Legendary Motown artists such as: Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and The Four Tops all invented a genius lane of showmanship, emotion and animation. When you hear those timeless artists, you feel every word they’re saying, the song becomes a illustrated story in one’s mind and soul. This sort of artistry and pure admiration for the arts is rare to find in current day music, but a talented Chicago born artist name Tevy Tev is giving music listeners hope to find that same showmanship and passion within music that we’ve all been yearning for. Tevy Tev is a song-writer/producer who’s written and produced songs for some of today’s hottest artists such as Nick Minaj, Melanie Fiona, The Dream, French Montana and more! Tevy Tev has created some magical songs for other artists, but now it’s his time to shine and show the world who Tevy Tev the artist truly is. Tev’s debut single “Momma” is already showcasing his impeccable talent and demonstrates why Tevy Tev is such a special artist. “Momma” is a soul/R&B song that is 1960’s inspired, that will have you both dancing and singing at the top of your lungs with it’s lively but sultry hook! Tevy Tev’s new single is influenced by legendary group The Temptations classic song “Oh Mother of Mine”. Incorporating such an everlasting song and putting a modern twist in 2017 was such a clever, creative move on Tev’s part, displaying his brilliant musical ear. One of the main characteristics of this song that truly spoke to me was the overall message within the lyrics. Tev’s chivalrous approach on the song was very refreshing and appreciated as a female listener. Songs that we tend to hear in current day mainstream music talk about “turnin’ up”, becoming heartless after a heart break, not getting emotionally attached. But, how many songs can we say (especially from a male artist) really captures the essence of romance, courtship, vulnerability? Unfortunately, not too many. The message of love is lost and not enough creative forces are going out to search for it and embrace it. Tevy Tev is the rare artist that is embracing the message of love, and that’s why when I hear this song I smile, because not only is the songs musical arrangement so energetic but the lyricism is overall exhilarating. Tev’s vocals on the track are also out of this world. The rifts and vocal range revealed in this song is so spot on! Tevy Tev’s voice is very retro, taking you on a soul journey. The skillful artist’s voice literally takes us back to numerous era’s, his voice is a blend of 1950’s artist Frankie Lymon, 1960’s artist Smokey Robinson, 1990’s artist Tevin Campbell. Tev’s vocals are rich and full of life and we hear passion throughout his breath taking new single “Momma”. I was so astonished by this hot new song that I interviewed Tevy Tev to find out more about his music influences, his artistry and more! Here’s what the talented artist had to say:


1.) Q: Who or what inspired you to pursue music?

A:  I grew up in a musical family where both my parents were gifted vocalist and teachers. However, if I had a starting 5 it would be Michael Jackson, Prince,  Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke.  But, let me also mention ” FATBOY BILLY STEWART ” as my 6th man who I think is one of the most underrated and forgotten geniuses in the music world that we live in. RIP FATBOY

2.) Q:  Tell me your top 3 favorite songs of all time that influenced your musical vision and creative direction.

A: -James Brown, Papas Got A Brand New Bag. The Temptations -My Girl( David Ruffins vocal performance in that record is and will always be unforgettable). Stevie Wonder- My Cherie Amour.

3.) Q: Your new song “Momma” is upbeat, funky taking us back to the 1950’s-1960’s era of soul music, tell me what was the creative process behind this record?

A:  The Record “MOMMA” was written and produced in 2013. That was the first song I ever recorded after My Brothers and  I quit our jobs and moved to LA to pursue our dream. So it definitely holds a special place in my heart. We were living in and out the car around that time. As far as the creative process, My brothers and I had took a sip of Michael’s Secret Stuff.  Can’t tell you what happened after that.

4.) Q: Not only are you an amazing vocalist but your also a songwriter, out of all the songs that you’ve written, which song really reflects your soul?

 A: That’s hard to answer. All of the records on my upcoming EP came from a special place that I was in at the moment. Whether that place was sad or happy, it was special and it helped form a body of work that I’m very confident about. The EP is a roller coaster ride. Each day I have a different favorite song.

5.) Q: Tell me about your EP. What can we expect from your album.

A: This is my first EP that I’m getting ready to release. It has been a longtime coming.  For a while I had took my focus away from my artistry to focus on grooming as a writer and producer. After being apart of records with today’s top artists, I really felt it was the time to showcase what I really could do.  You can definitely hear the experience behind the pen and production and vocals on this album. I’m working with the best.

6.) Q: Tell me about any future projects coming up.

 A:  I have a couple rabbits in the hat. You have to stay tuned… thanks so much!  ” Love Me Don’t Judge Me ” coming soon!

Tevy Tev’s new awe-inspiring song “Momma” is the true example of fine artistry and showcases why Tev’s in a league of his own. This genius artist truly watched the masters at work over the years because his magical sound displays greatness. Tev’s meant for greatness. Greatness is the key to success and Tevy Tev represents that. If you enjoy soulful, infatuating music that inspires and captures the soul, Tevy Tev’s song “Momma” needs to be on your playlist ASAP! To listen/download Tevy Tev’s captivating and vibrant new single “Momma” check out the official music video below! Also, make sure to follow Tev on both Instagram and Twitter: @TevyTevmusic.



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