In 2017, the music world has trap music, EDM, hip hop, but one thing that is truly missing from mainstream music in modern day, is the magic of R&B music that really captures the soul from the moment you press play. There’s a new artist who’s taking us all on a refreshing R&B retrace, that true soul fans of the world are ready to embrace, his name is Josh X, Queens NY is his birthplace, and he’s an artist in his own lane, no way can another replace- Stevie Wonder’s latest protege, Josh X. Josh’s new single “Heaven On My Mind” features the future of hip hop music & Bronx native Cardi B. “Heaven On My Mind” is a mid tempo soul track that is a true example of art, from the beautiful lyrics to the heartfelt musical arrangement. This hip hop soul song is the sensual rainfall instrumental that the music industry needs during a time where we’re witnessing a music mainstream drought. At a time where there’s lack of individuality in artistry, and the absence of romanticism being encouraged within lyrical content-it’s a refreshing feeling when listening to this catchy, 2 step track. Josh X has such a passionate voice, the R&B singer’s sound has a late 90’s, early 2000’s feel. The NY artist has a full tone to his voice, resembling amazing vocalists such as Joe, Donnell Jones and Carl Thomas. Josh’s vocal tone is both warm and vibrant. Josh X’s creative vision for this hot track was also genius. Featuring NY rapper Cardi B added a magical, retro flow to the song. Cardi’s fiery rap verse captured the essence of the classic 90’s rap flow that current hip hop has been missing. The Bronx rappers verse instantly makes you want to bop your head, and rap the lyrics with her- the captivating verse makes you feel the way you feel when you hear Lil’ Kim’s rap verse on Mary J. Blige’s timeless record “I Can Love You“. Cardi’s verse makes you relate to her energy and overall message. Between Josh’s sultry vocals, and Cardi’s masterful verse and flow, no wonder why this instant R&B classic hit the Billboard Charts! I was so amazed by Josh’s new song “Heaven On My Mind“, that I asked the talented singer about his creative process for this record and more about how he became Josh X- the artist. Here’s what the R&B musician said:

1.) Q:  Who or what inspired you to pursue music?


 A: I’ve been playing piano ever since I was six years old, something I was born to do.

2.) Q: Tell me about your latest single. What was the creative process behind the record?

 A: The track gave me that 90’s R&B feel, which I’m a huge fan of and I wanted to put my approach on it and Cardi gave it that 90’s flow hip hop flow and together we killed it!

3.) Q: How do you feel about the state of R&B music? Do you feel R&B music is fading in mainstream music culture?

  A: I feel like I’m going to bring R&B back to mainstream sound…the younger generation needs to be taught about love and I’m here to talk about it in a way they can relate to.

4.)  Q: How did the collaboration with Cardi B for “Heaven On My Mind” come together?

       A: We’re on the same team(KSR)… Shout out to Shaft & J Class, they are the people behind all the magic you see with JOSH X and CARDI B AND MY SIS HOOD CELEBRITTY! 
5.) Q: Tell me about your future projects. What else can we expect from Josh X?
      A: My debut album, I can’t wait to share it with the world get ready I got a lot to say & I’m ready to put on for my people, my family, my fans and everyone that always believed in me.
         Josh X is such a talented, humble spirit who’s truly bringing back a majestic vibe to music that music lovers are craving for. “Heaven On My Mind” embodies love, adoration and infatuation, a feeling that today’s generation doesn’t accept nor believe in enough, but Josh X is an artist that is determined to make everyone believe in love and vulnerability again. Josh X is the next big name in R&B music and Cardi B is the next big name in hip hop music. Together, these two talented NY artists are about to take the music world by storm with this timeless record! To listen/download “Heaven on My Mind” follow Josh X on Soundcloud: @JoshXantus, or download this song on AppleMusic. Also, download Josh’s EP “Amour” which includes the ballad version of “Heaven On My Mind’! Follow Josh X on Instagram & Twitter: @JoshX.
“Heaven On My Mind” Official Music Video- Josh X feat. Cardi B







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