Tunes-Day artist Jalen Kelly is a rapper who is setting the bar high on what it takes to be a true MC! The 19 year old hip hop artist has a top-grade rap flow and an energy that really illustrates his artistic hustle. In Kelly’s new song “Everybody Wanna Be Rich” the young MC raps about the people out there who want to be rich, but aren’t willing to do the work. In the song you can also hear the rapper saying I’m just tryna get what I deserve. The mid tempo hip hop track also has a lot of creative cleverness. One lyric in the song really spoke volumes “Everybody wanna sell they soul, like they don’t understand how much it’s worth.” This clever line alone reveals the realism of our society and the concept of becoming wealthy. Through out the song Kelly’s lyricism gears toward the idealism of the concept of success, the authenticity of the work that’s required to be instilled within self in order to succeed, also the incentive ambition that Kelly has to pursue his dreams and succeed. Everybody Wanna Be Rich is a relate-able song that can also motivate a dreamer, and turn that dreamer into a conscientious leader. The rapper’s realistic record can also be the turn up record in the club, the song you blast in your headphones at the gym while working out, or in the car when you’re on your way to the work place to make that money! Regardless of the environment, regardless of the time and day, Jalen Kelly’s record will motivate and stimulate you to want to do the work to become rich! This Tunes-Day track is one of the hottest, unrestrained records out right now! To listen/download Jalen Kelly’s hot song “Everybody Wanna Be Rich” follow him on SoundCloud: @jalen-kelly. Also, follow Jalen on Instagram: @jalenkelly_.



“Everybody Wanna Be Rich”- Jalen Kelly










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