Rock Makes The World Go Round!

Are you tired of listening to the same old rock bands from either the US, Canada, or UK? Rock is a worldwide phenomenon that is growing and growing by the day, (Even though it’s still in that coma, #WakeUpSoonRock). Rock can be fun, political, and just damn perfect. So here are the top five rock bands from places you’d never expect.

5. Tangeret Daghet, (Lebanon).


(Photo was used on Tangeret Daghet Facebook profile page).

Tangeret Daghet contains Khaled, Dani, and Tarek.  This band is a progressive rock band from Lebanon, and from times of terror and struggle, these guys play music for one purpose, to uplift spirits of the world. This band who was found in 2008, brings a passion that no one else can. They are perfect progressive rock band because of the struggle that goes through them and everyone every single day, we need bands like this. Currently there are no announcements of upcoming shows, but they perform at Beirut, Lebanon, (Which is where they are from), a lot so check them out there. They are on Soundcloud, that’s really it.

Tanjaret Daghet/Facebook


Tanjaret Daghet/Instagram

4. Flou, (Paraguay).


Flou is a band from Paraguay which consists of Walter, Bruno, Federico, and Guillermo. Flou is a metal band and if you like Alice and Chains, Five Finger Death Punch, Smashing Pumpkins, and Deftones, you will fucking love this band. This band that formed in 2000 could be loved in America for that particular reason. Check them out on Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, iTunes, and YouTube.




3. Cairokee (Egypt).


(Photo used as Cairokee Facebook cover photo).

Music and politics are a dangerous combination. For these guys, music and politics is the same fucking thing. This band includes Adam, Sherif, Tamer, Sherif H., and Amir who will probably get arrested for his lyrics more than any other member of the band. They were worried about being targets for authorities, why worry when you already are? There music is about basically everything wrong with the country of Egypt such as stifling trafficking, drug use, and sexual harassment. On one of their songs, “Nefsy Afagar,” which translates to, “I Want to Explode,” one of his lyrics states, “A new order, just like the old one. And everything works with lying. I want to blow up the streets and roads.” It just seems impossible to have lyrics like that and still have a crazy fun sound. It’s like an alternative sound; they have politics like The Beatles, but sound like Paramore, mixed with Maroon 5. There are a lot of problems in the world, and music is the perfect way to let them hear your voice. So get a good listen on Spotify, and Soundcloud, where you can listen to their new album, “Nas W Nas.”




2. Noughts and Exes, (Hong Kong).


(Photo used on Noughts and Exes Facebook Timeline).

This band has done a lot for a band that no one in the U.S, probably has never heard of. Noughts and Exes includes, Joshua, Gideon, Alex, and Alix. Noughts and Exes is an indie folk band, a genre that is growing very slowly in the U.S. They have done a lot since 2007. Time Magazine, CNN, Timeout, and South China Morning Post love talking about the band. The biggest thing is being the first Asian pop band to sign to Spectra Records. There beautiful folk, alternative, psychedelic, and pop sound is an explosive sound and will take you away. They use instruments such as an electric cello, a glockenspiel, and a melodic. What the fuck? It sounds amazing though, and they find a way to make it work. Noughts and Exes sound like every band you have listened to, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Keane, really soft and fun music. You can find their music on Bandcamp, MySpace,, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes, and YouTube. Watch, “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong,” starting Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg because Noughts and Exes have a song off the soundtrack called, “Hearts.” Listen to their newest self-named album from 2014; because they started a Kickstarter campaign to make this album, they are the first band from Hong Kong to successfully succeed in a Kickstarter campaign with over $12,000. You wanted it, you got it, and it’s worth it.

Noughts and Exes/Facebook


Noughts and Exes/Instagram

1.Kite, (Barbados).


(Photo used on Facebook picture taken by Jaryd Niles Morris).

So what makes these guys the best? Maybe it’s the fact that there Rock, Reggae, Indie is unbelievable! Kite is a band from Barbados, and contains two members, JJ Poulter and Brian Marshall. These guys have been giving good vibes since 2004. They combine rock and reggae and for years it has worked. They currently have two albums, “Up in the Air,” and “Thirteen Degrees North.” There biggest performance seems to be SXSW in 2010. They have honorary mentions in the Billboard World Songwriting Contest. The band has great success and has been heard not only on local radio, but probably on your favorite TV show or movie. “Firefly,” has been released on Jericho and Ghost Whisperer. “Wake Up,” and, “Up in the Air,” have been featured on Degrassi. This is how rock and reggae should sound to together MAGIC!, (Remember that, “Rude,” song, annoying right)? Every song is perfect for the radio and every song sounds like a beautiful adventure. There use of Caribbean instruments and rigged indie guitar sounds gets this band a huge, loyal fan base that nobody can deny. This band should be on top of the rock charts. There’s really no explanation for why they’re not. They have the sound that everybody loves, they’ve been heard on your favorite TV show, and they performed at places like Culture Shock, and are currently signed to a label called RipTide Music in LA. Get the word out by buying their music on iTunes or CDBaby. Go on their website to find out more about their new LP, “Drive in the Dreams.” Hopefully this post will get people’s attention toward Kite from Barbados.

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