This is too sweet and may blessings come to this child.

Eight-year-old Lauren LaRay designs wigs for little girls with cancer. Yes! She’s making wigs for them. A source from KSNV News 3 says that LaRay explained her reasoning for making wigs.

“My best friend’s little sister has cancer and I just felt bad for her,” she said.


As you can see she designed various wigs—different style and different color. She even has her own YouTube channel, giving tutorials on wigmaking. LaRay wants to make thirty wigs by June to donate them to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. A GoFundMe page was started for Lauren and she’ll  use the funds for hair supplies such as hair, wig caps, foam heads, weaving needles, etc. Her goal is $900, but it’s been reported she’s raised all $900.

It’s a scary situation when someone’s diagnosed with cancer, especially when it’s a child. According to, childhood cancers make up 1% of all cancers diagnosed each year, [but due to] major treatment advances, more than 80% of [children with cancer] now survive five years or more.”

Lauren isn’t searching for fame or status. She wants to see people happy and smiling. Click here to view her YouTube channel.

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