Almost everybody has gone through this while driving on the road. What am I talking about? I’m talking about road rage. And for those of you who don’t know what road rage is or haven’t experienced it? It happens when you get really frustrated or maybe violent when operating a motor vehicle during a difficult situation . . . . I hope I defined it correctly.

So, recently in my city (which is Houston. H-Town stand up!!!), there were two road rage incidents that occurred that were both caught on camera. One on the top and one down here. Check out both clips.

So as you can see here, four passengers were involved in a road rage brawl in the middle of the street. Apparently, a driver was trying to get in the right lane,but the other driver wouldn’t allow it. In the beginning, it was just words, but then things escalated and a physical altercation ensued.

The top video happened this week. One driver swerved into the other driver’s lane causing the driver to jump the curb. And then things went from there.

Yes, we do get frustrated on the road either because we’re late to work, trying to reach a birthday party, graduation, or maybe late picking up our children from school. But we have to calm down and get to our destination in stride. According to, there has been 200 murders associated directly to road rage over a 7 year study period. Oh yes.

Look, some things happen on the road. A person might not be familiar with a city and they might not be driving the way you may want them too, but you have to be patient. Some folks think if you don’t honk at someone because they might cut you off on the road, then you’re a punk and a scary driver. Those kind of folks don’t care about life themselves, number one. Number two, just because you don’t honk at someone, doesn’t make you a punk. This is about your life. Keep your life. Too many motorists have lost their lives due to ignorance while driving. Stay patient.

If you miss a turn or if you’re trying to get over and the driver next to you won’t let you over, then just catch the next exit and come back around. You will get to your destination. Two years ago, this happened to me. I was on my way to work and I had to get off the freeway. This driver wouldn’t let me over. I had my signal on and everything and he still wouldn’t let me over. All right, fine! I’ll go around. That’s what I did. I arrived to work in a timely and safe fashion. You can always go around.

Road rage is common, but it is a very serious matter. People get mad to the point where they want to yell at you, flip the bird at you, throw something at your car, get out the car and fight you, or worst case scenario, pull that “thang” out and light you up (pull that gun out and shoot you). It’s not about being timid while driving, it’s about being safe. I don’t want anyone to lose their life over something that is not that damn serious. Calm down. You will get to where you have to go.

Now, you do have some drivers out here who don’t care and they intentionally do things to piss off other drivers. That individual doesn’t care about their life so what makes you think they care about someone else’s life? Some people aren’t meant to have driver license because of how they act on the road. Somebody honks at them over a mistake they made on the road, they want to get mad and retaliate while driving.

So to all my drivers out there, be safe. Don’t unnecessarily honk at someone while driving. Stay patient. You will get to your destination.

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