Sister Wives? Interesting....

For those of you confused about what Taz’s Angels “actually do”, you’re not alone. The group of women who identify themselves as such, have been called into question after allegations of human trafficking and prostitution have been surrounding the Miami-based “Bad B*****s Link Up” clique for quite some time now. It appears these ladies aren’t just¬†Miami’s notorious “bad b***h” clique, that hosts the hottest parties in Miami. It seems there might be more to the story than meets the eye….

It is said that the group of young ladies’ ages range from 18-30 years old and they all live together in a multi-million dollar home in Miami, with the man at the center of all of this controversy, Michael “Taz” Williams; who on many occasions has referred to himself as “The Black Hugh Hefner.”

Speculation that Taz was a glamorized pimp running a high-end prostitution ring, ignited on Instagram when an anonymous source came forward and claimed to have once been recruited by the clique, posted a lengthy message to her followers describing her time in the house; which brought forth the allegations that the ladies were nothing but glamorized sex workers who functioned in the house as Taz’s personal sexual servants.

The former prospect also alleged that she was forced to perform sexual favors for Taz the very first night she arrived at the house. She then went on to say Taz never removed his sunglasses the couple weeks she stayed in the Angel’s house, including the few times they had been sexually intimate. According to the former prospect, the ladies were told not to make direct eye-contact with Taz under any circumstances. However, it gets worse, she even went as far as to accuse the former music producer, of withholding food from the girls if they were not on their best behavior, as far as submitting to the rules of Taz and his head lady Cat Da Great.

Following the allegations, other prospects and former angels have broken their silence about the evils that plague Taz’s Miami home. According to BSO, the Angels were recently under investigation as soon as the alleged rumors hit the net. Here’s what head “sister wife” Cat Da Great had to say amid the rumors circulating around her clique, checkout Instagram post below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 9.31.05 AM

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