Tattoos are common. A lot of people in this world has a tattoo on their body. And there are some who doesn’t have a tattoo, but wants one. What are tattoos? A permanent mark on your body, in plain flat words, a permanent mark. I got my first tattoo in 2014. I was nervous as hell, but I bossed up and got inked up. But before I got inked up, I went through steps to make sure it was something I wanted to do because tattoos are permanent and I wanted something I wouldn’t regret in the long run.So…..

1| First things first, if you’re a virgin to tattoos, try to research information about it. By researching, I mean ask people who have tattoos how it feels to get one. This is how I was before I got my first tattoo. I asked a friend of mine how it was to get a tattoo. She said it was nothing. I went online and researched some things about tattoos. I found some sound information.

2| Know what you want. Don’t ever walk into a tattoo shop not knowing what you want because two things might happen to you. The tattoo artist will turn you around or you’ll walk out hating your ink. Please take it into consideration that tattoos are permanent and you have to choose what you want carefully.

3| Be sure to go to a clean establishment. I’m not a big fan of going to a house, even though that’s probably how a lot of tattoo artists gotten started and now they are perfectionists. But if you’re going to someone’s house and they’re an immature artist at that too, you might have a nasty tattoo. For your first time, I highly recommend going to an actual establishment. Make sure the place is clean and that your tattoo artist is clean.

4| Watch your tattoo artist place clean needles in the tattoo gun. I watch mine and people can say I’m a hawk. You damn right I’m a hawk when it comes to my health. Getting a tattoo is risky when it comes to your health if the tattoo artist uses a used needle on you. Nasty, number one! Number two, you never know if he used that needle on somebody with HIV or whatever and now he’s going to use that used needle on you. So you better watch your tattoo artists when he’s changing needles and sanitizing everything.

5| Use your head when choosing a tattoo. Know what you want, why you’re getting it, etc. When it comes to getting a name tatted, I’m not a big fan of that because for me, I feel like if I get someone’s name tatted on me, I feel like that person owns me. Like I’m branded with their name for life and I’m not with that. Some people get their kids’ names tatted on them; which is on them. But to each its own. When it comes to groups, some may want to get a group tattoo. While it may seem cool, what if the group doesn’t last. That group is gone, but that tattoo is there. Or for a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship or marriage, what if y’all break up? That person is gone, but that tattoo of their name is still there. And some people don’t like their current partner’s ex’s name on them.

I know there are more tips for people looking to get a tattoo, but these are just a few that I considered most important. I’ve gone through these tips and took everything into consideration. Please know that some jobs might not want someone with a tattoo on your neck so please also be mindful on where you want your table. But you’re grown so do what you see fit.

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