The Most Powerful Chinese-Speaking Woman

Taiwan has elected a woman president. This electrifying news may unsettle relations with China. Tsai Ing-wen, who leads Taiwan’s progressive party, won her seat by 56.1% of the vote, according to the official Central News Agency. Besides her gender, her election marks the first time in eight years that the nationalist party, which supports China-Taiwan unity, has not been in power.

Tsai called Taiwan’s pursuit of democracy and independence “deeply engrained in the Taiwanese people,” according to CNN.  “Our democratic way of life is forever the resolve of Taiwan’s 23 million people,” she said. She added that both Taiwan and China “have a responsibility” to find a peaceful way to interact.

This election also makes Tsai the most powerful Chinese-speaking woman in the world. As Asian countries, particularly China, gain global economic power, this event is even more notable.



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