My life is perfect!

Suspect Jay from the E.Y.W crew ( Previously known as Dem Boyz FTW) releases his single called ” perfect.”  He states the reason he wrote this song was “one of my old girls started spamming me on IG. I went and checked her page and she was doing corny s**t. i made the song to let her know i’m off that.” So he elaborates throughout his song about how he feels and how his life is perfect. I also like his verse when he says ” don’t clock my movements, you not my baby.”  What he means by that is knowing that his old girls stabbed him on the back, he is going to do what he wants to do now that his life is perfect and doesn’t want those girls to stop him from doing what he wants.  In life we all want to live a perfect life without having anyone to mess it up. In relationships its all about trust no games.  Everyone has a heart and we don’t deserve for it to be broken in many ways. Suspect Jay and his crew E.Y.W are slated to release their next mix tape drug of life before the year is out. Stay tuned.

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Suspect Jay

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E.Y.W ( Eventually you Win)

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