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The best story told in Hip Hop aspiring young artist Ross Capicchioni. His music is not only real but his video is dope. It was a very entertaining way to watch a story in a way it’s used in music. It connects strongly to our lives and what we go through. As far as you really don’t know who got your back or who’s truly your friend. Even though they say “i got your back, don’t worry about a thing.” Still be cautious out there and who you really hanging with. What you need to learn is you can’t trust a soul not even family a lot of times… friends turn to strangers, strangers turn to best friends and end up being family and friends stabbing you in the back and at same time will ask what’s wrong. This song goes out to all people in this situation. Stuff like this happens all the time. Ross just happens to be the title of the song with Joyner Lucas being in it. If you watch the YouTube video and you type in Joyner Lucas- Ross Capicchioni, it is showing Ross point of view and he’s telling the story based on what is going on. Also, if you type Ross Capicchioni  on youtube he tells his side of the story. After listening to this song I watched the interview for the real life victim Ross Capicchioni. Amazing story, the fact he lived is a miracle, especially with his commentary of how he felt/what he saw going through it. Even though it had something to do with gang affiliation.  Everyone deserves to hear this, the mellow music, the messages behind the stories, the life, the sorrows, the lyricism, it’s all so planned and pieced together like a puzzle. Joyner Lucas is the new age youth preaching rapper that everyone can relate to. There’s a lot of detail in the story as well as intelligence. Hip Hop,Rap, and R&B music should be more like this, not just rap about money,  clothes, females, strip clubs, cars, and etc. We need real music like Eminem and Nas and this music is by far amazing not only real.

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