Steve Gunna is the flavor that hip hop has been yearning for! The Jamaican artist currently lives in the Bronx, NY. The NYC music scene inspired the young artist over the years. I asked the talented artist what or who inspired him to pursue music, he said ” Firstly, growing up in Jamaica, music is always around me so I was interested from a young age. Moving to NYC i was fascinating with Hip Hop and the idea of self expression. I love writing so I started writing my own raps to tell stories for fun. Some people who inspired me were Nas, Jay Z and Nelly.”  Steve Gunna’s sound is modern day hip hop with purpose. Steve’s new song “No Emotions” has a trap soul vibe to it. The song has meaning, vibrancy and melody that truly captures both the ear but also the soul. The song is about someone who can’t feel emotion from within. Regardless of the situation whether love or unfortunate events in society, this person is disconnected from everything in life that can possibly trigger emotion. When I heard this song I thought it was astounding. The reason why I found it astounding is because the song has a catchy melodic vibe to it, but the song also captures the millennial mindset on life and love. The fact that Steve Gunna presents genius lyricism is the cherry on top for this song. A timeless song that intrigues the mind usually has mesmerizing lyrics and a musical arrangement that not only sounds good to the ear, but really makes you crave for more. No Emotions fits that description of timeless quality music. The song reminds me of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” mixed with Bryson Tiller effect. This a song that you can chant and dance to in the clubs, but also play in your headphones on a rainy day. The song has a versatile style that everyone can relate to and feel inspired by worldwide. I was so in awe about Steve Gunna’s sound I wanted to learn more about him as an overall artist and get into the mind of such a creative, expressive artist:

1. Where are you from?
 Steve G.: Born in the island. Move to the Bronx, NYC when I was 12.
2. Tell me the concept behind ur new single & How do you feel about the direction of hip hop in mainstream music?
Steve G: The latest single i have out is called no emotions. It’s a slow and catchy record that people can relate to. the content of song is dark but beat is vibrant which gives it a nice feel. Hip hop in mainstream is always changing. in the  last 10 years, we have witnessed many different sounds take the lead to represent Hip hop. I think its different and is evolving. There is less focus on lyrics and more emphasis on the beat. As a lyricist, I would like to see more emphasis on lyrics but a lot of mainstream hip hop still have good concepts and flows. 
3. Do you have any future projects coming up?
Steve G: Yes, I’m working on my album entitled “Sheep Society”. Most of it is done but does not have a set release date. Most likely first quarter of next year. I release my last EP, The Prequel in April which is the prelude to Sheep Society. 
                  If you love upbeat music that can also speak to your soul and intrigue your thinking, Steve Gunna belongs on your playlist immediately! Gunna’s new song “No Emotions” is a song that represents our society’s modern day thoughts. Steve Gunna is up next in the music world. Steve Gunna manifests the evolution of hip hop. To download/listen to Steve Gunna’s new song “No Emotions” you can check it out on SoundCloud. Also, follow him on Instagram: stevegunna_
Music Link/Soundcloud: “No Emotions”- Steve Gunna
“5am In the Valley”-Steve Gunna


“93 Flavor”- Steve Gunna







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