Missouri Steals #BLM

It was one thing when ignorant people took “Black Lives Matter” chants and turned them into “All Lives Matter” — a dismissive reply that ignores injustice — but now pro-life protestors have also stolen and misused the slogan.

Republican Rep. Mike Moon of Missouri has titled an anti-abortion bill the “All Lives Matter Act”. It will define a person as a fertilized egg, aligning abortion to murder.

Mother Jones explained:

 “Reproductive rights advocates and activists say this use of the language of Black Lives Matter opponents is an affront to the BLM movement and especially to black women. “By hijacking the prolific chant that has become the title of a movement led by a new generation of human rights activists and recontextualizing it, Rep. Moon is further marginalizing Black women,” writes Christine Assefa at theFeminist Wire.

“Black women have had very little reproductive choice, historically. During slavery, they were forced into childbirth. Then, they were forced into methods for sterilization,” wrote Alison Dreith, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, in a column for the St. Louis American. “This bill continues the trend in Missouri, that women should not make their own decisions.”

Stealing and misusing a term like this is disgusting. “All Lives Matter” dismisses a good intentioned chant that didn’t even attack any party. #BLM is not an insult to all lives. If I am hit by a car and a doctor comes by, should a bystander with a splinter shout “Hey! How dare that person ask to be cared for, I matter too!” The point of #BLM is that “All Lives Matter” is not a sentiment carried out in this country enough. The point of #BLM is to makeAll Lives Matter”.

Then, to top it off with the appropriation for anti-choice politicians is repugnant. It feels like Rep. Moon was trying to make a tongue-in-cheek jab at the already ignored voice of #BLM.

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