Spelman College is the newest American women’s school to begin working on administering transgender students to its campus.  On August 11, the president of the historically black college, Mary Schmidt Campbell, announced the decision in a back-to-school letter on the school’s website.

“Ingrid Hayes, vice president for Enrollment Management will convene a task force that makes a recommendation to the president on the admission and enrollment of transgender students,” wrote Campbell.

She expects to receive a report from the group by the end of the academic year.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, all of the members of the U.S. women’s colleges called the Seven Sisters have already accepted trans women into their schools.

Spelman is also setting up another task force catered to emergency planning.  Campbell says they will be working to “develop a set of protocols and procedures for students, faculty and staff to follow in the event of an emergency.”

This is a tremendous step in allowing trans students to not feel discriminated against when applying to college. What’s also important is that the students have the support of the faculty and the administration when they do arrive, so that they feel comfortable and welcome on campus.


Featured Image: Via spelman.edu

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