The Spacesuit Junkies are a musically gifted duo from South Florida. The duo group consists of two artists and producers name Stevie Zenith and Plex Boogie. The Spacesuit Junkies are in their own lane, bringing a new sound and vibrant energy to the music scene! Plex Boogie and Stevie Zenith present an ultramodern, futuristic sound in their new, upbeat EP titled “Luv & Bass”. Luv & Bass has 7 urban house tracks, that really embody the EDM party scene of today, but with a hip hop/pop twist! The group’s sound is inspired by deep house as well, but what’s so intriguing is the soulful melodies that flow so smoothly and brilliantly over each track. The moment you press play, you instantly fall in love with Luv & Bass. The EP title is not misleading at all, because each track tells a story about romance and about the ultimate groove that lives within us all! My favorite songs from the group’s hot new EP are: Over You, Runaway, It’s Your Life and the duo’s new single “Buzzin“. Buzzin is a fiery dance song, that really represents the youthful lifestyle. The sizzling dance number is an instant club hit, makes you want to dance and flirt with the cutie across the room. The music video for Buzzin is just as spirited and lively as the song! The Spacesuit Junkies has a feel good, distinctive sound that is so refreshing! The duo’s music embodies the celebration of life. If your about good vibes, play The Spacesuit Junkies. If you just got paid on Friday and want no one to rain on your parade, play The Spacesuit Junkies. If you just got that dream job you’ve been hustling for, pop open a bottle of champagne with your day one’s and blast The Spacesuit Junkies. If you just had a bad romance, let them go, head to the club and party to The Spacesuit Junkies music! That’s the magic that the group’s EP “Luv & Bass” brings. Luv & Bass is the song you dance to, work out in the gym to…the music will flourish your soul, awaken your energy and influence your daily motivation. The Spacesuit Junkies are bringing a new, innovative flair to music. Trust me when I say, if you haven’t already, you’ll fall in love with the “Luv & Bass“! If you want to listen/download The Spacesuit Junkies hot new EP “Luv & Bass” check out their official Soundcloud & Apple Music! Also, follow the talented music duo on Instagram: @spacesuitjunkies & Twitter: @TeamSpaceSuit . The group’s official website: . Check out The Spacesuit Junkies new music video below!




“Buzzin”- The Spacesuit Junkies











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