I love social media. I’m at the tail-end of the millennial generation, and therefore grew up with technology and connectedness. I adore the blogosphere (obviously- I am a part of it) and believe that it is a great platform for all people to be involved in all matters. I do, however, remember the days pre-social media, and have seen first-hand what it can do to people’s psyche.

Social media has permanently impacted the world and how we all live in it. We are now always connected to each other, and can always see what another person chose as their most recent endeavor.



As countless studies have shown, seeing so many facets of people’s lives harms our own self-perception.

People have the ability to choose what they post on social media. Since everyone wants to appear popular, happy, and fulfilled, people only see one side of their life, and therefore think that is their whole life. When people think that others lives are so ideal, they feel worse about their owns- and that leads to the slippery slope of jealousy, bitterness, and frustration.

Even if we all know that primarily everything on social media is not completely genuine, that does not always help change our feelings. I have said this in previous articles, feelings do not always need to be rooted in fact.

Social media is the furthest thing from reality, yet since it dominates so much of our lives, its impact is real and intense.

Life has always been a competition, and social media just enhances it.

Who can get the most likes on a picture? Who went on the nicest vacation? Whose kid has the most achievements?

Most people do not post the true hardships they face, even though they are inevitable and common.

Social media allows us to put on a mask of perfection and happiness when we are all in the same boat, trying to figure out life together,

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