Social media has no chill when calling out obvious actions. Speaking of obvious actions, Sunday night was the second presidential election with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Clinton had a fly on her face

During the debate, both candidates insulted one another either outright or subliminally. We all noticed that and plenty of watchers also noticed Trump’s “strange and unsettling” body language. When one of the undecided voters asked a question, Clinton responded. As she was talking, Trump gave her a strange glam and stood behind her in a menacing manner.

Social media noticed that and went in. Here are some tweets:



They are comical, but there is a reason why social media went in on Trump’s crazed body language. Recently, a 2005 tape leaks with Trump’s inappropriate and lewd comments regarding women. He made remarks about “grabbing p***y” and about how he tried to coerce a married woman. Check out the clip below:



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