On Sunday, The 23-year-old NOLA-derived singer took to his Instagram a post of his beautiful hair done into two buns with Asian chopsticks. Here’s the picture.


Courtesy of Instagram/augustalsina

I saw nothing wrong with his buns and others thought his man buns were cute. And some felt different about his hairstyle. Some said he was trying to look like a “Japanese woman” or he was “slowly turning into a girl”.




Plus, this is not the first time August has posted a picture of his hairstyle. Last year, he posted a picture of him rocking ONE bun.


I’m pretty sure August knew he was going to receive backlash from posting his man buns to social media, but here’s something he wanted ME to tell all you haters.


LOL! Even though his hairstyle might be an issue for some, he’s still a cool ass uncle at the end of the day. Him and his man buns!

Callie says "heyyy" ..

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