The 2016 Rio Olympics are in full swing and already the dehumanizing and sexist comments have arisen. Whether it be comparing the female athletes to the males, harping on the fact that an athlete had a baby a year ago, or that these women probably do not like sports, but love reality t.v.

The olympics date back to Ancient Greece, showcasing individuals with the upmost strength and athletic ability. During Ancient times the competition was obviously just for men, disallowing any woman to participate.

The first Modern Olympic Games, in 1896, did allow women to participate, as the world thought the inclusion of women would be uninteresting and impractical.

However, during the second Modern Olympics in 1900, women were permitted to compete.

And they have fearlessly and intensely competed ever since.

Of course, Olympic commentators and journalists have made their own statements regarding women  and their time on screen.

The Rio Olympics has seen a number of frustrating and disheartening comments about the female athletes.

Women enjoy sports. The fact that an NBC commentator insinuated that women participate in the Olympics is because it parallels a reality show is not only factually stupid, but completely dehumanizing.

All the individual sexist and insulting comments cannot be written about, as it would encompass too much space and be unfeasible- there are simply too many.

To everyone claiming that the P.C. police are at it again; think about why people feel upset with these comments.

Why would they (we) purposefully start arguments and controversy.

Obviously, people are hurt. They do not like it.

That should be reason alone to stop this nonsense.

These women train unbelievably hard to achieve the greatest athletic feats in the modern world. They deserve recognition that they have achieved such a feat of even being selected to participate in the Olympics.

They should not fear being sexualized or compared to a man.


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