FX's Funniest Rockin Show is BacK!

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On July 16th, 2015, the comedy Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll premiered on FX. The show is simply about a former rock star trying to get famous again.  The way to do that is through their daughter. This show is pretty much how to make it back as a rock star in a young man’s world. It’s hard to make it as a rock star especially when you were relevant once and trying to make it back. Darius Rucker gave up on that and went to Country, (I think). Season 2 premiers on June 30th, 2016 and it better do better in the ratings and critics than last season.

The show is about Johnny Rock, (Denis Leary),


trying to get the band, The Heathens back together and they try to get to the top through his daughter GiGi, (Elizabeth Gillies),


who wants to be famous through her amazing voice. and now they’re the Assassins, (Which is probably some real band’s actual band name, that seems like a common one), Trying to get his guitar player Flash, (John Corbett),

19779176282_a5570f5d2c_bis harder because he’s in a feud with Johnny because Johnny banged Flash’s wife, but rejoins when he sees an opportunity at payback when her daughter joined the band. This fling stays as a relationship, because look at her, (No, seriously look at the photo I put up of her, you can take 15 minutes then come back and read this). So getting the others guys to join was easier with Rehab, (John Ales),


the drug abusing bassist and Bam Bam, (Bobby Kelly),


who stopped drinking and started eating. Also, Ava is there, (Elaine Hendrix),


back-up singer and current girlfriend of Johnny Rock. She’s the glue that tries so fucking hard to stick them together.

This show is basically a story about a big rock band trying to get back on top. It’s the same thing that Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rolling Stones and others have also been doing. The only difference is it worked better for those guys and for The Assassins……….Not so much. It’s hard for a band to regain fame again, when your lead singer is a coke sniffing, self righteous asshole. All GiGi wants to do is get big through this band, and possibly get to know her really hard to work with father. What daughter doesn’t want to get famous off their superstar dad? It’s pretty much a spoof of a typical rock band story, which has occasional rock guests like Joan Jett and Dave Grohl.

The biggest struggle seems to be competing with all these new artists and new genres. GiGi learned that e hard way of what mainstream is like, but she prefer the failing rock band. What about subgenres like NormCore? They use fake genres to get the point that this is going to be hard. Then there’s stuff like using your songs to remix into commercial success. It seems like the only people doing this for the music and no the success is Rehab and Bam Bam.

For some reason the show didn’t do that well. It was funny and pinpointed the rock star life perfectly. Do people not like rock stars anymore, (Even though rock is not dead)? It has perfect elements of a TV show, sex and drugs………………Oh wait, it’s the violence. It’s a fucking comedy, sorry that Kevin Hart isn’t in it. Now that season 2 is premiering on June 30th, they have to step up. The cast said that the show has more of the stuff in the title of the show than ever before. There is a new character named Davvy, (Played by Rebecca Naomi Jones from the Broadway show, “American Idiot,” so perfect match). Even Ava gets insanely famous. It sounds like Denis Leary is not going to write as much this season so it might allow for more character conflict and more a different perspective. Critics do say that will be tough to sell due to the recent cancellation of Vinyl on HBO. If a show that was made by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger couldn’t make it, what makes you think this will? The difference between Vinyl and SDRR is that SDRR seems to be more rock and roll accurate compared to a show that they wasted millions on. So there’s no guarantee that this show, this show will probably get a million viewers on GiGi alone.

Catch the show on June 30th on FX or FXNow, if not catch it on demand or DVR it. Catch the first season now on FX.com. No guarantee on finding the songs on Spotify or Soundcloud or iTunes  So grab your popcorn, grab your wife that’s into Bon Jovi and older rock stars and your husband who is into Elizabeth Gillies and have a good night!




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