A year ago, the Supreme Court took a stance on Same Sex Marriage and legalized it in all 50 states. Prior to the Supreme court ruling it was only legal in 37 States. American Jurisprudence surrounding traditional marriage finally changed and it was absolutely long over due. While the legalities have changed on same sex marriage, the social constructs surrounding the LGBT communities and their rights are still a fight to be won.same sex marriage

Remember Judge Ruth Neely and her refusal to marry a same sex couple? Let me jog that memory in case you are unaware. Reporter Ned Donovan reached out to Judge Neely back in December of 2014 via telephone to gain insight on her beliefs about the possible decision to legalize marriage in all 50 states. In the phone interview, she disclosed to the reporter she would not perform same sex marriages due to her religious beliefs. Her exact words were said to have been “I will not able to do them, We have at least one magistrate who will do same-sex marriages, but I will not be able to.” After stating that, she followed up with an explanation as to why: marriage is the union of one man and one woman. This sparked an unimaginable amount of controversy  that I am sure Judge Neely never thought would happen. As a result of her statement, LGBT rights advocate Wendy Soto,  Wyoming’s top Democratic official Ana Cuprill and reporter Donovan unionized to initiate the process of the Judge’s removal by making formal complaints to people high up on the totem pole.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having religious beliefs and people by all means should be able to voice them. However, Donovan said it best: “Everyone is welcome to have religious beliefs, but they are inherently personal, especially if you hold public office.” When you have a duty as a member of the justice system, you are representing and fighting for the rights of all people. So the idea that you would deny a same sex marriage or even remotely say something close to it…of course it will back fire on you. Silly Judge. We don’t care about your personal beliefs, just that you actively perform your legal duties fairly and justly. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?same sex marriage

Did we not learn from Kim Davis? Kentucky clerk who is currently sitting in jail because she actively denied issuing same sex marriage licenses. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? As a member of the LGBT community, it is highly offensive to be discriminated against because of my personal preference of who I decide to love and lay in bed with.

Of course we will never be at peace with what happened in Orlando, FL. The acts of monsters is truthfully what remains a concern for the nation, not LGBT members and same same sex marriage.The gruesome attack on June 12 has gone down in history as America’s largest massacre to date. While the momentum is on our side for equality, the waves of tragedies we have been subjected to keep on rolling. For every triumph is an obstacle. As a nation, are we not tired of innocent dead bodies? Bodies that simply want exist in a world where they can be on an equal platform like their heterosexual peers. LGBT rights are far beyond just marriage, although that was a milestone for us, there is absolutely so much more that needs to be done to protect and ensure the rights and equality of LGBT members.LGBT rights

In reality, same sex marriage is just what it says: two people of the same sex married. It is not the end of reproduction and the world will not come to an end as the result of it. Members of the LGBT community, like other minorities such as African Americans and women, have fought very hard to make this world as equitable as possible. These three groups together have changed history and our laws so that they fully protect all the individuals of a society and not just the dominant privileged white male. It is apparent to me that the reason we don’t ask what the real issue of same sex marriage entails is because it would reveal how oppressive the American culture truly still is. Incidents like that of Orlando massacre, Judge Neely and Kim Davis are examples of why we still have much so overcome.  LET PEOPLE LIVE AND LOVE AS THEY WANT !!!

same sex marriage

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