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Robin Thicke joins forces with Nas for his new single “Deep.”  Nas  delivers a powerful verse in the beginning of this song issues of police and racial injustices in america,  “Man, it hurts to see a ‘cop killed a black man’ alert.” This is when Robin Thicke chimes in with his smooth vocals and touches his relationship issues. He also sings with a passion and soul. This song has a deep  introduction and then slowly goes into singing which is a great alternation in the music.  It shows that it is different because not all music should start out the same. It is also an attracting music because you have a rapper and a singer combined. Even though these artists are different they both can relate on one another. Also,  both artists can bring something new to the plate.  This is an amazing song especially from both talented artists Robin Thicke and Nas. It makes the music even more powerful when you have talented people with you.  Like the phrase “two is better than one.”  Also, not only their both talented but they both got rhythm in their music and their music is real.  Just by listening to Nas verse, he is giving us a background about issues that are happening in our today’s society.  Nas even expresses how he feels and we can sense how he feels just by his voice and the way we are picturing his words in our minds.  Robin Thicke and Nas wants us to feel this music knowing that they both collaborating on this single is a classic.  We see Nas as a descriptive lyricism person when it comes to music, because when he raps his words are there.  Also, Thicke is no stranger to rappers; he has a history of being a singer that knows exactly how to feature rap artists on his songs without it feeling like a forced union. Since there’s no beat playing in the background, listeners grasp at his every word. It’s a powerful way to begin the song.  We hope to listen to more music like this.

Robin Thicke, Nas


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