Rihanna Video for "Work"

Fans of Rihanna tweeted about a horse with the Vuitton logo in Eagle Rock Mall, Los Angeles on Friday. Vibes did some investigating then, and reported that Drake and Rihanna had filmed a music video for “Work”.



Fans followed this excitement with gossip about her upcoming album, Anti. Another tweeted this moment of her singing:


Meanwhile, some expressed hope that the album will not be only available via Tidal.

HotNewHipHop discussed Drake and Rihanna’s history, saying, “Their chemistry is evident in the music videos for the only two songs they have ever recorded together – “What’s My Name” & “Take Care.” With “Work” presumably near on the horizon, let’s revisit their relationship dating back to its inception, in 2009.”

The hype over Anti has increased ever since her world tour announcement. According to Forbes, she revealed she would have Big Sean and The Weeknd would be her opening acts in Europe, on June 11. The last time Rihanna toured was about three years ago, so tickets are selling quickly already. Costs range between $50 and $200 for starting prices.

In other recent Rihanna news, the vague Beyonce – Rihanna relationship was cleared up a bit when L.A. music executive revealed that he was originally set upon another artist, when Beyonce directed him to Rihanna instead, according to VanityFair. “Beyoncé came up to me. ‘That Rihanna girl,’ she said, ‘she’s a beast,'” Reid said.

It looks like Rihanna fans have many reasons to be excited lately. Add yours and tweet us @cara_conte and @bwa_com.


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