One less contender in the Republican ring

The latest news on the presidential battlefield is Former Governor George Pataki effectively taking his name out of the game. The former republican governor defeated then Gov. Mario Cuomo in 1994, which was a great feat considering New York’s liberal tendencies. Former Governor Pataki was integral in keeping New York together after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He was re-elected twice in a However, he has not been in office since 2006, and his name recognition has diminished significantly. A New Yorker myself, I had to be reminded of his name and experiences in office.

After hinting at a presidential run three other times, the former governor finally took the plunge this year. However, he may have missed his opportunity by letting so much time pass. The political field has changed significantly since he was last in office. Pataki won the the governorship of New York on a moderate political platform. His strict stance on gun-control and advocating for abortion rights seem to toe the party line. As his party in this day has chosen to take a hard political right, he seemed out of his element, appealing to the republican party of 2006, as opposed to the party of today.

The former governor ended his campaign with a message. He stated that one cannot expect to run the country from the outside. He confided his hope in America, that we can choose someone with the experience and drive to truly make america great again. He was noting his lack of political experience over the last almost decade, but there seemed to be an undertone of appeal to the american people against fellow republican contender Donald Trump. Trump still maintains a significant lead over the rest of the pack. In the race for the nomination, other front runners include Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. Although, made a little smaller, we still have a lot of contenders. 

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