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Listening to deep, slow motivational music soothes us whether were having a bad day and we want to get away from everything and be alone feels good. It is also good to have our minds clear off of things as well so that were able to think and not do things to regret.  Raury opens up about loneliness, depression, and suicidal thoughts on ” Butterfly”. Music like this, we are able to picture ourselves in the music as if you were in a music video.  Raury elaborates deeply with his words and we can see the imagery of where he’s coming from an how h goes about with this music. For an example in the beginning of the music he says  “sometimes I wish I could be a butterfly, flying by, flying high.” We picture that in our minds because thinking of a butterfly that is what these insects do. They can fly as high as they want and fly around with problems being erased. This music not only gives us vibes but makes us listen to more music. Also, we all want to connect with something when it comes to music.  Raury is not only talented but he is the best artists of the hip hop genre in my opinion. Also, it felt as if my life was written on paper just by listening to this song.  Another thing about Raury is how people compare him to other artists, which is something we shouldn’t judge. Some  people  compare Raury to another artist such as Kid Cudi and Andre 3000. So instead it is better to compare Raury to himself because he is the one making the music not them.  We want music where we are able to listen to it more than once, because that gives the audience the option to listen to more songs from the  artist.  Another reason is to keep people updated about new artists and their talented  music.



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