Rapper Plies took to Instagram a picture of a woman rocking Calvin Klein underwear and pulling them up. If you look above her underwear, you see stretchmarks. Some people would be like “Oh hell no. What was she thinking showing her stretchmarks like that? She should be embarrassed.” Others might say, “Well she’s confident because I couldn’t show my body off like that if I had them.”

That woman is twenty-six-year-old Brenda DeRouen. She posted a picture of her rocking her Calvin Klein underwear and sporting her stretchmarks. She says she was embarrassed about her pregnancy scars in the beginning, but now she’s confident in them when she learned to accept them. Click here to read her story.

Well, not only did Plies post the picture, but he wrote a caption under it.

“To All My Gorgeous Women: U Don’t Ever Have 2 Try & Hide Dis From Me.. As A Man Dis Would NEVER Bother Me Especially If I’m Da One Who Laid Down With U & Assisted In Makin Da Child. An Even If I Didn’t I Know A Blessing Came Out Of Dis Whole Situation Which Was A Child… I ❤ U Just Da Way U Are… #UStillGorgeous2Me #ITypeHowITalkSorry”

pliesCourtesy of Instagram / plies

Now, usually we see Plies on his IG being silly with the videos he posts, but this time he kept it real with this post. To me, he wanted women who have stretchmarks to be confident and know that it is okay. It’s a part of being woman– you might have stretchmarks. Hell, I have stretchmarks and I’m not complaining one bit. Our bodies change everyday.

Some women whose had children may have stretchmarks. I mean, hey, you brought life into this world. If you have them, then it is what it is. Don’t feel self conscious about something that’s natural. It happens at times. And for the ignorant people who like to bash people with stretchmarks or any other flaws, you need to sit yourself down and re-evaluate yourself because everything about you isn’t squeaky clean or flaw free. Don’t get it twisted.

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