PVRIS released a new music video for “You and I” this week. The black dresses, black and white paint, and overall aesthetic calls heavily on the infamous Rorschach test.

The Rorschach test uses blotches of ink to analyze what a psychologist patient’s thoughts are preoccupied with. You can take the personality test yourself here. Developed in 1921, it has been known to reach perverted results, meaning humans are usually thinking about romance (in the least romantic way). Knowing this, we can wonder if PVRIS used the aesthetic on purpose.

The chorus goes:

We’ll find we can meet in the middle
Bodies and souls collide
Dance in the moonlight
Where all the stars align
For you and I, for you and I

The stark contrast of black and white does tend to make everything more dramatic, but add some psychological history and you’ve got a unique rock video.

According to their official website, PVRIS’s deluxe edition album White Noise will be released April 22. They will also be performing at Bunbury Music Festival with big acts like the Killers, Ice Cube, and Florence and the Machine. Follow PVRIS here and tweet your reaction to the music video to @cara_conte with hashtag #BWA_com.



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