Who is Pink Guy

You mostly likely haven’t heard of Pink Guy, but you should get to know him now. You may find his songs comedic and silly, but his youtube views are nothing of serious. His music video has amassed millions of online views, which let’s you know the fan base is huge. Alternative Hip Hop comedy has a lane and won’t be denied. The more I try to explain Pink Guy, which dresses up in a pink Halloween type outfit. The more I get confused myself; Pink Guy is Filthy Frank which both derive from Miller. Miller himself is the host of the Filthy Frank Internet Show. Pink Guy is just an example, how the internet can give you the freedom with no parameters to be successful.

Nick Colletti: https://twitter.com/thenickcolletti

Prod. Getter: https://twitter.com/GetterOfficial

Filthy Frank: https://twitter.com/FilthyFrank

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