I waited to write about these two incidents because I wanted to have as much information I can before I actually expand upon them. What Europe endured during the past two days has been nothing short of a nightmare.

In Western Europe, on July 15th, 2016, a car drove into a crowd of people, killing between seventy-seven and eighty people, during the celebration of Bastille Day, which commemorates the unity of the French during the French Revolution.

President of France, Francois Hollande, calls this incident a terror attack, the second France had over the span of nine months.

Literally the next day, in the Eastern part of Europe, the Turkish military staged a coup against the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has since reasserted his control over Turkey.

The country remains in a state of shock and fear as some 265 people have died during the violence.

Thousands of army members and judges have been arrested in their attempt to overthrow the government.

The people of Turkey, however, remain largely alleged to its democratically elected president and the Democratic process, as many anti-coup protests took place in Ankara and Istanbul.

Turkey proves to be far from the model country, however the Untied States maintained a decent alliance with it.

Europe’s end of 2015 and entry into 2016 were far from easy. They had an inordinate amount of terrorism, both domestic and international. They lost one of the country’s in the European Union, breaking the highly sought after United Europe.

These tragedies have made most sick to their stomachs. The loss of life due to violence has been staggering during the past forty-eight hours.



I must give much praise to the citizens of both France and Turkey, respectfully. Even though they were harmed terribly, the Turkish people want Democracy, and France remains united.

I do not know the right answer, or if there is an answer to these travesties. All we can offer is our solidarity, time to research the full-extent of the story, and give love to all our friends in Europe.


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