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Olivia sits down with Jakk Doe on the Look Who’s Talking with Jakk Doe Show, talking about her new movie in theatre’s Man in 3B, New Music, her privacy, former Love & Hip Hop cast mate manager Rich Dollarz and more in this part 1 interview presented by www.bloggazwithattitude.com.  She has all the makings of a star, she has the beauty, charisma and fortitude. I dare any man to look at her straight in her face for man than 5 seconds and not think, she is one of the most beautiful women that he has ever encountered.  I couldn’t help, but root for her.  How I so often find myself defending her against her detractors.  Olivia Longott is jumping head first into the tv/film world with a series of Carl Weber projects. She’s a veteran in the music industry, but still showing the vigor of a newbie. With here new music project set for release featuring Red Café & more.

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