I purchased 2 bottles of the 44 Hennessy Limited Edition after president Barack Obama’s inauguration into his first term. I didn’t causally make this purchase to indulge myself to a drink from a historic cognac alcohol beverage company that’s commemorating our first African American president of the United States of America. I saw this as an opportunity for a R.O.I (return on investment); back then I could foresee the purchase as an investment that at some point in time after Barack Obama’s presidency the value of these bottles would increase substantially. 44 Hennessy Limited Edition manufactured 180,000 bottles to the mass market. I was lucky enough through my tenacity to obtain 76,753 & 76,754 out of 180,000 numbered bottles. Since, Barack Obama’s presidency is coming to an end. I went on the Internet to see the current value of these bottles I invested in. As per winebarrel.com the current value is $549.99, I can only imagine once he leaves office the price will drastically increase. My dilemma now is, do I sell or keep these bottles as a long-term investment or even as a memento. Hennessy rarely or not at all gets to be aged in a black or latino household [insert laughter] in the hood. My biggest concerns are having a family member or friend that is staying over and finding them in the cabinet and opens one not knowing to my behest of its value. There has been a multitude of occasions where I had lady friends over and had no other liquors available to me but those bottles. Though tempted to open it to set a more romantic atmospheric mood, I would become resilient with the fortitude of a determined investor.

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