EDM artist Skrillex and rapper Vic Mensa collaborate on "No Chill"; and release an out of the box video filmed in Tokyo

This isn’t the first time Skrillex has teamed up with a hip hop artist to make a track. “No Chill,” just like so much of Sonny’s music, is different from the rest. On Skrillex’s Beats 1 OWLSA radio show, Vic Mensa had an interesting opinion on the mindset of their collaboration.

“I think the idea of even having chill is a limitation put upon us that we gotta break free of, you know what I’m sayin’? Because chill is like holding back who you are so to have no chill, that’s being who you are.”

The whole time everyone has been trying to chill and Vic Mensa just thinks everyone is wrong. He believes if you have to chill you’re not yourself. Thats definitely a philosophy that I’m down with.

The video takes you to Tokyo. I can’t say if this is definitely who Vic Mensa and Skrillex are, but I can definitely say Vic Mensa is true to his word. This video holds nothing back because it is bizzare. I have watched it about three times and listened to the song about five and I still don’t completely understand what the meaning is. Watch the video. Try and figure it out for yourself.

Skrillex Vic Mensa


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