Last night Nickelodeon made history by showcasing it’s first biracial gay couple on their show The Loud House.  The episode, called “Overnight Success” showed Harold and Howard McBride dropping off their son, Clyde McBride, to a slumber party at the Loud house.

In the episode the McBrides struggle with being separated from their child for the night.  The show doesn’t focus on or point out that they are a same-sex couple, instead it pokes fun at how protective and paranoid the pair are about leaving their son.

Over the weekend the news broke about the McBrides when a short clip was posted on Twitter.  People reacted positively to seeing gay parents on a children’s show.  Most feel that it’s important to represent different family dynamics than the typical nuclear family.

This isn’t the first time Nickelodeon has included gay characters on their network. In The Legend of Korra, the lead character Korra and her best friend, Asami, kissed in the show’s series finale in 2014. Last year on the animated series Bubble Gubbies, RuPaul voiced the character RuPearl, a drag queen sea snail judging an underwater Fashion Week.

Nickelodeon’s decision to add a same-sex couple to the show helps normalize the idea of same-sex parents.  There are children in America who have two dads or two moms and it would be ridiculous to pretend that it isn’t happening.  Television needs to incorporate what is happening in real life and represent different types of people in society.



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