NGHTMRE released a new EP and it is more than you would expect.

I am not the biggest fan of trap music. I love some of it and think at times it can get repetitive. It definitely will make a party lit though. NGHTMRE manages to keep his music fresh. After hearing just one of his tracks I was a fan. His new EP, NGHTMRE EP, does not disappoint.

I have two favorites on this EP. One of the two tracks I love is “Get Back.” I think what immediately attracted to this song because of its sample of Ludacris’ vocal. I will admit, I might have some irrational love for the Ludacris song, “Get Back,” because the video is hilarious.

The other song I loved on NGHTMRE EP, was “Prelude.” I loved this track for a few reasons. It is very different from the other three songs on the EP. It is also a prelude in the “classical sense” and I love that.

In music, preludes are paired with a fugue. This is something made famous by Johann Sebastian Bach in the early 1700s. A fugue is when you take the original theme from the prelude and put it on LSD. There are so many new developments along with unexpected twists, turns and flips. NGHTMRE is hinting at this with the last song on his EP. In music there are no accidents, every note, every rest and every title was chosen for some reason. The reason behind the title of NGHTMRE’s “Prelude,” is to tell the listener that there is a fugue coming.

The fugue on NIGHTMRE EP is “Burn Out.” The two tracks are in the same key and “Burn Out” develops on the musical themes in “Prelude.” Creating an EP or LP that is this cohesive is no small task, and NGHTMRE did it well.

Here is the first NGHTMRE song that I heard. This remix is incredible.


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