Typically strange and experimental on different levels from these lads, who are further consolidating their sound with In Cold Blood. 

Alt-J have put their stamp on the distinctive brass section element they include in many of their records, and In Cold Blood uses this feature to great effect. The elaborate use of percussion is very interesting and gives the song a particular edge. There’s a recognisable unusualness when it comes to Joel Newman’s lyrics and the overall arrangement of the song suitably mirrors this.

You can’t fault Alt-J for thinking outside the box and the song does certainly work as a unit. Despite this, I don’t find it to be one of their more listenable tracks. I have although been steady in taking to some of their work in the past – so won’t rule out this growing on me!

Their new alum Relaxer is out June 9th and I’ll definitely be trying to catch them at Panorama at the end of July.\

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