Kehlani is back.......

We all love a great hit music that we can bump to. Whether you’re at the club or at a bar with your friends. This song gives us vibes. As many of you know, kehlani had a rough start to her year with her relationships, breakups/makeups. She needed time away for herself. Now she is back with this song.   This track is not only dope but the beat to this song flows with her words. She smoothest her words out. Kehlani  an american singer/songwriter, with her new 2016 song CRZY. Everyone is going crazy for when it comes on the radio. I don’t blame the music, it’s actually dope.  One of her popular lines that I like in her lyrics was “If I gotta be a bitch, I’m be a bad one”. The way she says it is she brings out her words with passion.Which excites people to say “wow i like that part I’ma replay it again”.  She has a lot of energy with her music and shows people what she’s capable of. Although people comments on her music on  how she sounds like Rhianna. Which i think talented artist are who they are and they know for a fact they sound like no other. It’s like when Desiigner came out with his new music “Panda”, people thought that was future.  So apparently it’s based on  how talented artist brings  their music, what it means to them, and why they think its important for us to listen to.



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