Hip hop champ Fred The Godson is back with another hot song! The New York native’s new single “Just A Friend 2K17” feat. Jaquae, truly embodies the epitome of hip hop. Fred The Godson’s new song takes you on a hip hop journey, taking you back to the 1980’s with the concept of authentic story telling. But, the special quality that stands out most about this song is that Fred The Godson gives tribute to another brilliant New York native who contributed so much to hip hop. This legend goes by the name of Biz Markie. Fred The Godson’s “Just A Friend 2K17” is a remake of Markie’s 1989 classic also titled “Just A Friend“! Fred’s modern approach to the song officially puts this creative remake in it’s own lane. Fred uses a similar concept to the original, but makes the song more relate-able and refreshing for the millennial generation. From the clever line in the song “I met her backstage at my show, she said her best friend made her go, she big fan’s of 2 Chainz and Future…said I spit to intricate, something she ain’t use to“, to using the concept of relationship deception and misconceptions with social media as a muse to create an upfront catchy anthem, there’s no way Fred The Godson can lose with this hot record! The music video keeps the classic amusing energy that Biz Markie birthed in the original music video, but also reveals Fred The Godson’s very own comical genius by adding his own spin to the visual.The artist featured on the record Jaquae adds magic to the song with his suave vocals, both Jaquae and Fred the Godson have great chemistry on the song and have a Batman and Robin kind of energy in the video. This hip hop song really instills vibrancy and really captivates the essence of soul music and really embraces the charm of hip hop culture. If you haven’t heard this song yet, add it to your playlist asap, because it’s the hottest record on the streets! If you want to listen/download Fred The Godson’s hot new song “Just A Friend 2K17” you can check out his music video on YouTube. Also, if you want to follow Fred on social media: Instagram: @fredthegodsonmusic, Twitter: @FREDTHEGODSON. Check out the “Just A Friend 2K17” music video below!




Just A Friend 2K17″- Fred The Godson feat. Jaquae 










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