Big Mike is bringing back the heart and passion to R&B music. Mike has come along way since the Day 26 days. Besides being apart of a superstar music group, having two successful albums with the group that both reached top 5 on the Billboard 200 charts, and releasing numerous chart topping hits including “Got Me Going”, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, “Imma Put It On Her” and “Stadium Music” just to name a few, Big Mike has continued to release electrifying music and staying true to self, creating timeless music that will never go out of style. Big Mike has a new sultry R&B joint called “Lay Around”. Mike isn’t following the trend of the typical sound of today’s music, there’s so much quality and authentic expression in this artist’s music. Big Mike’s new song is a true representation of R&B music. “Lay Around” is a slow jam definitely created for romance. The alluring soulful track gives an old school vibe with a modern twist, taking music fans on a passionate journey. What is most fascinating about this record is that Mike takes a different approach on the typical message that we tend to hear in modern day hip hop and R&B. In the song “Lay Around” Big Mike leaves mystery, which is why this song is so genius. You can either believe the song is about good vibes and a good time, or you can imagine exploring intimacy with the one you adore, either way listeners depict the message of the song…it still symbolizes romance and connection. There’s lack of romance in our society, and there’s a lot of disconnect, so it’s truly refreshing to have a song such as “Lay Around” to bring back the essence of an intimate connection between two people. Big Mikes vocals from his exceptional ad-libs, to his supernatural runs gives 90’s vibes such as timeless artists like: Dru Hill, Wanya Morris from the group Boyz 2 Men, and so many artists that truly made a mark on soul music. “Lay Around” is a definite banger!

Big Mike’s newest single “Honey Fluid” feat. Kristal Lyndriette from R&B group June’s Diary, is another sexy R&B song that will capture your heart and make you crave for love. Big Mike and Kristal’s chemistry on this track is insane, which makes the record even more magical. Between the beautiful harmonies, and passionate vocals delivered by these incredible vocalists , there’s no way this song can disappoint the ear. Set some candles, pour some wine and play this record to create the romantic atmosphere, because this tune will set the mood. “Honey Fluid” is an R&B classic in the making.

Big Mike is such a humble artist, who continues to create music because music lives within him. Big Mike’s love for music transcends into his sound and that’s why his music is so contagious. When I heard Big Mike’s new material I instantly got chills. Big Mike’s voice is beyond this world, and has so much soul instilled within it. I wanted to catch up with Big Mike and ask him a few questions to get into his creative mind and see what else is in store for his fans, here’s what the soul artist said:


 Q: What or who inspired you to get into music? & Why?

Big Mike:No inspiration was necessary this gift was given to me from birth so by the time I could open my mouth I was able to sing. If I had to say my inspiration comes from God.

      Q:  I listened to your new single “Lay Around”, I loved it, truly keeping the essence of R&B alive…tell me more about the creative process behind the record.

Big Mike: Thank you! The record was produced by Firstkontactmusicgroup their based out of Atlanta now but we really just wanted to do something sexy for everyone that didn’t want to turn up or just wanted to sit with your significant other and have a glass by the fireplace. Maybe even pregame to it with your girls. It was made to make you feel good and to feel sexy again.

    Q:  What can we expect from your new album? What was the concept behind it?

Big Mike:  Right now you can expect a multitude of different songs. I’m very diverse and so is my vocal ability and the way that I think. So it’s gonna be a tour of emotions. I’m gonna give my life experiences and I know everyone will love it cause it comes from the heart. 
   Q: How do you feel about the state of R&B music in 2016?
Big Mike: I feel that R&B music today is a product of what we make it. Everyone say’s they want 90’s R&B again but if you put it out they don’t buy it. It’s not their fault everyone is just being programmed into this new wave of how music is suppose to be without getting any real history on it. So, for me I would like to see it change a little but just like politics for instance like the election that just passed, its the same in music your only gonna get what you support and that’s why the R&B that’s out now will continue to keep circulating but it will evolve again at some point.

Q:  I loved the group Day 26, you guys were truly the definition of soul music, both younger and older age groups listened to you, so the fans I’m sure want to know do you still talk to the other group members? And can we expect any new music from Day 26 anytime soon?

Big Mike:Yes I do! I talk to Will or (Willie Taylor) every couple of weeks we always check in with each other just to see how we’re doing. We’ll forever be close and he’ll always be my brother because he’s a genuine guy and that’s all I can ask for within a friend. I don’t know what’s in store for Day26 you may get something from us 2017 but you never know you just have to stay tuned and we will definitely be letting you know.

Q:  Do you have any future projects coming up? If so, tell me more about those projects and when to lookout for them!

Big Mike: Yes! I have a new Ep that I will release before the year is out and I also have a holiday song that will be ready to release the day after Thanksgiving. As well as a mixtape that is scheduled to go out at the top of the year so we’re about to hit you with a lot.  

Big Mike has truly evolved as an artist, and continues to make classic music that comes from the heart. There’s no gimmick’s to this talented vocalist, Mike sings from the soul and that’s what makes his music and sound so significant and memorable. To download Big Mike’s new songs “Lay Around” and “Honey Fluid” you can download them on Apple Music or Big Mike’s official site: , where you can also find music updates and more! Make sure to follow Big Mike on Instagram: @_iambigmike

Checkout Big Mike’s new single below.

Lay Around-(Audio)- Big Mike

Lay Around



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