Khalil Jibran is a 22 year old hip hop lyricist reppin’ Newark, NJ. Khalil is the true definition of hip hop. With his authentic rhymes, and his poetic approach on the mic, there’s no way anyone can touch his talent. The young musical genius has such an intriguing musical background, the arts was truly destined for him. A lot of rappers these days start making music thinking there’s fortune and fame guaranteed, but Khalil creates music because that’s truly what’s instilled in his heart and soul.  This MC doesn’t just rap and follow the trends, he truly embodies the genre of hip hop. Growing up in the Brick City, Khalil attended one of the most prestigious high schools in the Tri-State called Arts High School in Newark, NJ, which produced successful alumni’s such as actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, professional tap dancer Savion Glover and many more of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. What’s truly intriguing about this young artist is he’s not only a lyricist, he’s also a well- rounded musician. Jibran plays numerous instruments including the alto saxophone. After graduating from such a distinguished high school, Khalil decided to gear his focus on his music career, and he began to seriously pursue music. The hip hop artist instantly went into creativity mode, and created and released his first mixtape called “Rain On A Sunday”. Rain On A Sunday became an overnight success in New Jersey, and people were curious to hear more music from the Jersey native. After beginning his music career, Khalil went to William Paterson University in NJ part time, where he studied accounting.  After attending the college, Jibran realized it was time to focus on his music full time. Khalil Jibran is more than an artist and musician, he’s also an entrepreneur. Jibran has a record label called New Jerusalem Records, which is a record label where artists can really stay true to self and be fearless with artistic expression. Khalil Jibran not only writes and produces music that authentically expresses his story, but he also has an outlet for artists to share that same idealism and inspiration. How amazing is that?

What is so inspiring about Khalil Jibran is he’s more than an artist, he’s also a survivor. In the midpoint of his career, Khalil was unfortunately a casualty of dangerous street violence. The young rapper was on his way home from the studio when the traumatic event occurred, he was a victim of a stray bullet to the head. Miraculously, Khalil returned home the same night. The poet never felt discouraged about the situation, but turned a negative situation into a positive one. After this tragic event, Khalil bounced back and was even more motivated to become the best in his musical craft. The lyricist became unstoppable.

Khalil’s music transcends and speaks volumes about his journey, and his goal to succeed. Jibran’s song “Lose Ya Face Freestyle” is truly compelling. From the visual for the song, to the musician’s lyrics and flow, this song really represents and gives tribute to the root of hip hop culture. “Lose Ya Face” gives you an adrenaline rush, the visualization is brilliant and the flow is on another level. The rapper gives Kendrick Lamar meets Ol’ Dirty Bastard vibes. The songs sound is modern but also the core of 90’s style NJ/NY hip hop. The moment I saw this music video I was instantly drawn in, from the animated facial expressions from Jibran to the black and white effect, I truly saw this visual and song as art. Khalil’s other song titled “Rich N***az” is a song that tells the tale of a young man aiming to hustle to make it out of the inner city, but also focusing on staying true to self. This song really is a relate-able track, because we all are aiming to become successful and become more than we could ever imagine. Khalil’s sound will rock the music industry, not only is Khalil aware of our society, but he’s also not afraid to share his reality, and that’s such a rare thing to find in music these days.

I was so enlightened and inspired by this young MC’s perspective. Perspective on life, perspective on music. I just had to learn more about this talented hip hop artist. I asked Khalil a couple of questions and his answers were truly insightful:

Q: Who or What inspired you to pursue music?

Khalil:  What inspired me to do music was when I first listened to KRS-One, he opened my mind through his rhymes, & heightened my awareness on a lot of things. That had a huge impact on my life & shaped me at a young age. I do music to make another kid feel how KRS-One made me feel, I feel it’s kind of my duty at this point.

Q: How do you feel about hip hop today? Do you feel it’s brainwashing the youth?

Khalil: I do think hip hop is brainwashing kids because of two extremes. One, hip hop is the most influential culture that exist in the world at this moment. Two, the minds of children are easily impressionable, do the math. However, this can be used for good.

While doing research on Khalil Jibran I came across an interview the music artist had with a YouTube show called Ambitious Leaders. Khalil told the interviewer the moment he fell in love with hip hop. The rapper said there was one song by KRS-One that truly caught his attention and opened his mind to become aware of our society, the rapper said these lyrics from the legendary Bronx MC from the song “My Philosophy” changed his perspective, and inspired him to become a hip hop artist, the lyrics were “Like all my brotha’s eatin’ chicken and watermelon, Talkin’ broken english and drug sellin’, see I’m tellin’ and teachin’ real facts, Now when some act in rap, is kind of wack and it lacks creativity and intelligence, but they don’t care cause the company is sellin’ it'” These lyrics spoke volumes to Khalil because those lyrics revealed how artists lose who they are, to make a buck. There’s a lot of manufactured artist in today’s music, and most don’t care that the message is lost in the distraction of dance crazes and catchy hooks. Artists like Khalil Jibran are what’s missing from mainstream music. The music world needs the artistry that Khalil embodies. Khalil in my opinion flows like KRS, ODB, and so many more but truly captures the essence of purpose like legendary rapper Tupac Shakur. Khalil is authentic to self, authentic in his rhymes, and wants to educate the world one song at a time. Khalil is making timeless music that can inspire generations to come. There’s so much depth to this artist’s lyrics but also so much depth in his character. Khalil Jibran is a rapper, lyricist, poet, musician and entrepreneur and he’s the ideal example of a true artist. Khalil Jibran is what the music industry has been craving for. Follow Khalil Jibran on Instagram: @khaliljibran

Khalil Jibran Music videos and more below!

Lose Ya Face (Freestyle)

Rich N***az

The Divine Mind (Part 1)





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