After a few listens to this album I’m really starting to appreciate Real Estate’s songwriting ability. In Mind explores some curious guitar sounds and interesting rhythms. The record as a whole has a sustained theme and aura about it, which is not always easy to achieve.

This New Jersey collective’s songs are driven mainly by guitar riffs and they seem to have a remarkable ability to keep churning out catchy lines. In Two Arrows, they become a bit more experimental with a kind of haunting but psychedelic outro – it breaks up the album, with an instant return to the norm in White Light, which I found really interesting.



My absolute highlight track is Diamond Eyes – a two and a half minute country/folk/surf-rock blend of perfection. With a vocal melody that wouldn’t go amiss in the film ‘O Brother Where Art Thou,’ they’ve added another psychedelic sounding electric guitar with a country sounding rhythm section and made it work flawlessly.

There are one or two weaker tracks in the album, but only in contrast to some fantastic work. Otherwise it’s hard to find much flaw at all with this record. Real Estate’s festival season promises to be a roaring success, with this collection to perform. I will no doubt be panned out under the sun to this all summer.

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