Who wears makeup everyday or just has that go-to makeup look? I have that go-to makeup look when I want something simple. What’s a simple go-to look without a nude lip? There are many kinds of nude lippies. You have the brown nude, pink nude or just neutral nude. You can either rock a soft or bold eye look with theses nudes or go bare with the eyes. Whichever nude lip you prefer to rock, make sure you SLAY!



1| When I say brown nude, I’m talking about something a tad bit darker, but is still considered a nude. For an example, MAC Taupe is considered a brown nude. It’s a tad bit dark than the ordinary nude, but it’s still apart of the nude family. Here’s more examples of brown nudes: MAC Mocha & WNW Mochalicious.

2| A pink nude is nude with a splash of pink. Simple! My favorite pink nude is NYX Natural lipstick. I can wear this lippie two ways: wear it alone or put a nude gloss on top if I want to be extra. Other examples of pink nudes: L.A. Girl Hush & MAC Twig.

3| The regular nudes are something like MAC Viva Glam II, MAC Spite, WNW Bare It All, & Milani Nude Creme. These are great nudes!

DISCLAIMER: All of these aren’t limited to the ones mentioned above. I have majority of the lippies mentioned and I love them and I thought you might like them. If you want to darken up the nude lippie, pick up that brown lip liner and darken to your liking.

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