All this talk about racism and the #BlackLivesMatter movement has contributed to the constant connection of the term white privilege.

White people often claim that white privilege does not exist. I believe this is because they are afraid to accept that the color of their skin color puts them in a much better position for society than any other race, especially black people. Saying that it exist is to face the truth that just because of the color of their skin….they are treated better, they are respected more, they are awarded more opportunities…and, they are given more chances.white privilege

The bottom line is absolutely clear: white privilege exist whether you want to believe it or not. It exist because of our history: remember slavery, when they taught society that white is right and white is better? Black people were not even considered humans, just animals used to follow white people’s commands. Remember when we did not have basic rights..or even rights at all? We had to “earn” those through hard fights, sacrifice and even death. Nothing was ever handed to us…and nothing will ever be. In essence, throughout history..the standard has been set for whites to remain superior and blacks inferior.

So, what exactly do we mean when we say white privilege? Well, it simply means that those of white skin are automatically at a social, economical and financial advantage than those who are not. It means that they are awarded more opportunities and often exempt in most cases from many liabilities and burdens. It is to be able to walk around and not fear what the next person thinks of you when they look at you and how they might act because of it. It is the power that gets you in the door without having to work half as hard or be set back because of the color of your skin. It is to have respect that does not need to be fought for…or to have a voice that is already heard and counts. It is to have police officers on their side as eighth grader Royce Mann noted in his poem on white privilege.

This is not designed to advocate against the fact that change has not happened or that things have not gotten better over time. However, progress white privilege does not stop…nor should it ever digress. America is in a state of crisis, mainly due to trigger happy cops who our justice system allows to walk away almost every time. Justice must be served, but to do that we have to recognize the reality and see things at face value.

White privilege does not mean racism, it just means that because of you get treated better. The realization of understanding just that could make a difference because it is indeed a problem. As the eighth grader Royce Mann said in his poem, we must turn that ladder in to a bridge. A bridge where we can all walk across.

Check out his powerful poem in the link below, it speaks truths and volumes !!









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